Li Ai
李艾 Li Ai

Nueva Didactica's Author

Who is Li Ai (李艾)

Prof. Li Ai, graduated from Beijing Institute of Foreign Studies (nowBeijing Foreign Studies University) in 1968 and has been teaching Chinese toforeigners at Beijing Language and Culture University since 1975.

  • What is her relevance

    During this period, she has taught Chinese as a foreign language at Beijing University, Tsinghua University and Beijing Foreign Studies University, with extensive experience studying, visiting, teaching, lecturing, and editing in Uruguay, Spain, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, and Mexico.


Succesfull students

New Didactics of the Chinese

New Didactics of the Chinese for Spanish Speakers by the distinguished educator Professor Li Ai, is the newest and most effective textbook for learning Chinese. As a renowned and experienced educator, Professor Li Ai is well acquainted with the language and cultures of Spain and Latin America, which allows her to present this important work as a new milestone in the global educational process.

50+ Years

of experience

From 2002 to 2005, she was sent by the Ministry ofEducation of China to teach at the first Chinese Studies Center of theUniversity of Havana. From 2009 to 2011, she participated in the founding ofthe Confucius Institute of the University of Havana and was appointed as thefirst Chinese director there.

Prof. Li Ai was awarded the medal on the occasion of the 270th anniversary of the founding of the University of Havana by a specialdecree of the rector recognizing her "outstanding work and pioneeringcontribution to the study of Sinology”. She has worked as the specialcorrespondent for The Globe and World Woman magazines.

Comparative method

Emphasize the differences and similarities between both languages and cultures when comparing them with each other.

Grouping method

Group similar Chinese characters together to get to know them better.

Interactive teaching method

It invites the student to actively participate in their own learning process by enhancing their ability to compose words and build sentences on their own.

Dynamic and interesting method

The exercises in this manual are designed with interesting, varied and lively activities to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking students.

Books and Publications:

Translation: Beautiful Dreams in Palm Trees, The Legend of Angkor, 226,000 words.

Dictionaries: Book of World Flavors, editor and author, more than 1.28 million words.


Textbook of Cambodian Translation Course Book 1, Book 2, Book 3.
Translation of more than 50,000 words and notes for comprehensive class, writing class, reading class and listening class.
The Spanish version of Everyday New Chinese, listening and speaking textbook, Book 1 and Book 2.
The French version of the listening and speaking textbook ABC's for understanding and speaking Chinese, Book1 and Book 2.
The Spanish version of the basic Chinese textbook New Didactics of Chinese language Book 1, Book 2, Book3, Book 4.